Michael & Apriana Wedding

Sunday, 11 September 2011

One of my best friend finally move advance from being in a relationship with his girlfriend into a married couple.

They invite Me and the other Genk members to attend their party, but because the place were a little far from the City, some of our friends couldn’t come to the party.

after some discussion with my friend, finally there’s only Me and Paulus (one of the Genk member) that decided to attend the party.Paulus bought the motorbike and I join riding it, both of us also didn’t know the place of the party; but we decided to try our best even if it’ll make us lost on the way :).

We start going at 11.30AM, the journey was really quite a long one. After a few times ask to the locals, finally We arrive at the destination @01.00PM.

the location is near the beach, so it’s quite a long one,

here is the map view of them

The first thing to do when We arrive is to write down our names in the guest list, then We grab something to eat first, because the Groom (my friend) is still inside the house.

After We finsih the lunch, the Groom has come back..so Me and My friend goes there and congratulate them.

Took some picture of the Happy Couple

After some chit-chat, Me and my friend decided to come home early @02.30PM, while the Couple wants to take some picture at the beach.


Finally, one of the Genk member has married, I wish Them a Happy New Life together





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Wilson & Krizia Pre-Wedding Photos

Last Thursday,my best friend asked me to help him for a pre-wedding photoshot, the client is a friend of my friends from basketball team.
Our first plan is to take picture at Tidung Island, one of Thousand Island located north of Jakarta.
The four of us (Me, my friend, and the couple) goes to the Muara Angke dock at 05.00 AM, and arrive at the ship at 06.00 AM. We came more early since we heard that the ship will sail at 08.00 AM, and if we didn’t came early, there could be no seat for us.
While we wait until the boat to sail, we try to get some sleep, since we wake up in the morning.When I woke up, it’s already 09.00AM and the boat is still at the dock; I looked up the boat and it’s only 50% passenger loaded in the boat, so I thought of the Captain is still waiting for other passenger.
after we waiting until 10.00AM, we’re really got bored and exhausted. After we talk with the captain, he said that the coast guard still didn’t give our boat a permit to sail; They said “because of bad weather; the wind is to strong for sailing to Tidung island, so the boat have to wait until the wind go down”.
It’s already 11.00AM, and we still waiting at the boat. at 11.30 AM Finally the four of us decided to cancel our plan to Tidung island and find another place to take a photoshot.
On our way back with a taxi, we talked and brainstrom, until we decided  3 other places to take photoshots.After a short break (taking a lunch and the couple decided to bring their car), the time is already running at 02.00PM, so we decided to go for Ancol Beach.
It took us 2 hours on the way to Ancol, and now is already 04.00PM. Because it’s already late; we decided to start find a place to take photoshot and getting a picture.
here they are

The Couple at the Bridge

Played at the Outbound Area

The Couple at The Beach
After taking some shots, we decided to take a break at the Restaurant near the Seaside

got something to drinks 🙂

and take some shots (I really like this pic, looks as if the couple is at Hawaii)
Finally we decided to get back home, since all of us already exhausted.
I wish the Couple a Happy Wedding, hope They’ll like my shots 🙂
– HaruTono –
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Jakarta MotorCycle Show 2010

Two Days ago, my colleague and my friend asked me to accompany him to the Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2010 at Senayan, Jakarta. My friend wanted to buy a new Motorbike, since his current motorbike is always give him a headache. Without a doubt, I accept that invitation, since I really like to go sightseeing around the exhibition.
We arrive at the location and start hunting the Motorbike, these are several photo that I shot at the exhibition :
When I arrive at TVS booth, I was quite supriosed that They show a quite large booth with quite some of a motorbike. One of their motorbike that captured m eyes is the TVS Apache, the name sure give a Tough and Strong Perception, and here is the Apache pic :

Next I head for Suzuki booth
get a pic of Suzuki Gladius

and the Suzuki RGX, a sports motorbike from Suzuki. They came with 2 type, the 300cc and 600cc.The one I share in here is the 300cc type, they’re quite identical from the design.

The Honda Booth is the largest and crowded, so I could only shot a few of them, since the people blocking the good view. No I wanted to share the Honda PCX, a BIG matic motorbike, I say BIG because of the body and the price, let just the picture talk :

The Yamaha booth, I could get the most shot, the booth is not to crowded and they bring the new concept bike with eco friendly.

Retro bike

Xeon, well named matic bike

The New Jupiter MX

One of the Big MOtorbike from Yamaha, the design remind me with Kamen Rider G3 from the Japan Tokusatsu TV series Kamen Rider Agito.

and here a pic of my friends with the bike

After 2 hours walking around at the exhibition, we realize that it’s time to go home.
My friend become more confuse what bike he would buy, since he sees a lot of great bikes at the exhibition. Well it’s time to think my friend ;).


– Haru Tono –
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The Infinite H Logo

When the first time I looked at a blog, I wasn’t really interested to create one.
but each time I browse in the net, sometimes I get new information that I didn’t get on other website (such as review on a product that I wanted to buy, and etc)
Some of  The blogs not just got a good information, but they are also pretty.
and I could say, they could compete with other personal websites.
a few months later, my friend that own a blog suggest me to create one.
he says “it’s for an example to create a personal website”.
after I think back, it’s quite true. maybe before I create my personal web, I could learn something by manage my blog.
The first thing I wanted to create for my blog is The Logo itself.
I hope the logo would be applicable later on my works and website too.

The Concept

I would like to create a logo using my first name, it’s a H.
I started to create some sketch and wrote what is the concept and vision of My logo.
The concept of my logo, I would like to create a simple logo, modern, but it last for a long time.
Start with a simple sans serif H, added a circle on the ourter H.
Then, I try to create a wave line. added a circle on the bottom and top of the wave line.

The design looked to simple, then I try to add some circle inside the circle.
but that doesn’t satisfied me.
Then I try to modified the H logo, I try to create a movement look a like on the H symbol.

2nd sketch

They looked not really match with the circle.
another modify of the H symbol.

3rd sketch

Finally, I found the H logo that I like.
this time I try to make the H symbol combined with an infinite symbol.
It was very simple, because I always write the H (my name) from left up to right bottom.

1st infinite logo

but I could feel, there’s still something not right.
I remembered about Chinesse Phylosophy, about Feng Shui.
a Teacher of mine when I as at college once told me about the use of Feng shui on logo’s, somehow the Feng Shui could be applicable when you want to design a logo.
and when I looked at my logo, I realize that the logo isn’t follow the good rule of Feng Shui, because when the logo start from upper left, then ended at the bottom right.

H logo infinite feng shui

when we translate they’re movement, it will give some meaning like this :

” you start from a high position, then you go through some complicated situation, sometimes you could go down very low, sometimes you can get a very top high achievement,but in the end you’ll only get a low rank achievement. “

After thinking like that, I decided to change the logo, so now the logo would be start from bottom left, and ended at the top right.

Infinite H

Now I really like The logo, They’re using H symbol (which is my first name), simple, and got an infinite symbol.
With this logo, I hope that My design(and maybe company/graphic house) would move a long like the meaning of the logo, it start from below, they keep rising to the top and the designs would last forever.
-Haru Tono-
Founder, Creator of HaruDesign
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Hello world!

Hi there,

this is my first blog site, hope you enjoy staying here.






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